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Mikael Paulsson, CEO & co-founder

Mikael Paulsson, CEO & co-founder


Welcome to Medical Imaging Technologies. We are happy to invite you to our company to share our ambition of adding true value to the healthcare sector.

The core of our business is centered around the management of medical Images and audio within the hospital environment. Capturing, combining, presenting, storing and distributing medical imaging are functionalities which form the basis of all our products.
Enhancing workflows, Improving decision-making, allowing efficient reviews of patients across geographies and improving internal and external education are our key objectives.
Founded in Lund, Sweden, in 2009 where we are still proudly headquartered today. Lund is an internationally recognized environment for technology, knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship with a leading University, Teaching Hospital and the location for two of Europe’s largest research facilities currently being built; ESS and MAX IV.

Within the last six years we have expanded our reach and currently have an established footprint in the UK, Ireland, United Arab Emirates and India. In addition to this we have built a strong network of distributor relationships in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Currently we have over 100 installations in over 40 hospitals, in 12 countries.

We are a young company who understands well the constant need to develop and learn. As such we would be more than happy for your input or feedback.



Our vision is to operate an internationally established company, well respected for its ability to meet customer needs in the management of audio visual information.



We seek excellence in execution and value a creative climate, where we support and encourage creative thinking and risk tasking aimed at challenging and improving company standards. We trust and respect each other in the pursuit of our goals. Our stakeholders are committed to a long term work partnership based on clinical collaboration and expertise.

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Our Quality Work

Medical Imaging Technologies consistently develops, manufacture and supply products and services aiming to meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. Professional relationship with our customers is achieved through efficient and accurate communication. We comply with ISO 13485 (2016) and maintain the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. We actively pursue ever improving quality of our deliverables, activities and business through clear objectives, efficient processes and adequate resources.

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Medical Imaging Technologies is proud to support Little Childs Fund