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InVision is the complete audio-visual solution for the surgical environment.

InVision is a modular clinical audio-visual system that can be purchased in its entirety or as individual modules to suit the needs within a particular clinical environment. A fixed, unobtrusive installation designed to enhance medical education and medical conferencing and to connect expertise across geographies.

The three modules are:

  • InVision Control
    The ‘Control’ module of the InVision software client allows users to remotely view live cases using procedure room cameras and connected imaging modalities. With this functionality users can view live cases during internal conferences, record cases, broadcast live cases and be remotely taught new techniques and procedures by expert proctors.
  • InVision Viewer
    The ‘Viewer’ module is a DICOM viewer which can be configured to access multiple PACS archives simultaneously, allowing users to search and review patient case files spread over multiple PACS systems.
  • InVision Connect
    The ‘Connect’ module allows participating hospitals to hold Virtual Diagnostic Review Meetings. Each participating site has synchronized image playback of the shared DICOM images with zero loss of image quality. This means travel between tertiary hospitals and referral hospitals for patient review meetings is no longer necessary.


InVision Systems image
InVision Systems image