OmniStore - Medical Imaging Technologies


Secure research archive with world wide access

The intended use of OmniStore is long-term storage of data, which in various ways has been produced in research studies from any connected modality. The data file storage structure in the archive is project based and approved users get access to the projects they are active in. The archive includes a web interface for management and export of stored data files. Data can be exported either as the original file or as a pseudonymized DICOM file.



  • Secure Web access
  • File export
  • File import
  • Pseudonymization of DICOM files
  • Map internal drive to system for faster access of files
  • Allow specific users to access specific folders


Omnistore is currently used at the national 7 Tesla facility, Sweden

Note: Omnistore is a research product and therefore is not CE marked.
OmniStore image