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Synchronised image and audio documentation during swallowing examinations


PharyDoc is a system which allows for the simultaneous capture and playback of fluoroscopy, video and audio during a Video Fluoroscopic Swallowing Examination (VFSE). All elements remain synchronised during playback and can be stored to PACS as one complete examination.


Enhanced Diagnostic Review Features

  • HD Video Capture – HD Camera captures the patient’s behaviour during procedure
  • Audio Capture – High Fidelity audio capture of patient and operator during procedure
  • 30 FPS Fluoroscopy image capture – Fluoroscopy images captured at 30 frames Per Second for more detail in diagnostic images
  • Synchronised playback of all captured video and audio sources allows for detailed examination reviews
  • Brightness, contrast, invert and zoom adjustments help bring out hidden detail
  • Adjustable playback speed and frame by frame playback for greater control

Ease of Use Features

  • DICOM compatible – PharyDoc can store captured images and sound in the hospital PACS* archive
  • Modality Worklist functionality – Import patient data from a Modality Work-List Server
  • Centralised Examination Storage – In Built central storage allows several PharyDoc software clients to view all performed examinations
  • Timeline Thumbnail images – Thumbnail images in the timeline help you navigate to the images you want
  • Hospital Active Directory integration – Use existing hospital user name and password to login
  • Vendor neutral – Being vendor neutral means our system can be integrated easily with your existing systems

PharyDoc image
PharyDoc image