Welcome to Medical Imaging Technologies. We are happy to invite you to our company to share our ambition of adding true value to the healthcare sector.
The core of our business is centered around the management of medical Images and audio within the hospital environment. Capturing, combining, presenting, storing and distributing medical imaging are functionalities which form the basis of all our products. Enhancing workflows, Improving decision-making, allowing efficient reviews of patients across geographies and improving internal and external education are our key objectives. Founded in Lund, Sweden, in 2009 where we are still proudly headquartered today. Lund is an internationally recognized environment for technology, knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship with a leading University, Teaching Hospital and the location for two of Europe’s largest research facilities currently being built; ESS and MAX IV.
Within the last six years we have expanded our reach and currently have an established footprint in the UK, Ireland, United Arab Emirates and India. In addition to this we have built a strong network of distributor relationships in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Currently we have over 100 installations in over 40 hospitals, in 12 countries.
We are a young company who understands well the constant need to develop and learn. As such we would be more than happy for your input or feedback.


In a profitable way operate an internationally established group of companies, well respected for its solutions to customers’ need for management of audiovisual information.


We seek excellence in execution and value a creative climate, where we support and encourage creative thinking and risk tasking aimed at challenging and improving company standards. We trust and respect each other in the pursuit of our goals. Our stakeholders are committed to a long term work partnership based on clinical collaboration and expertise.

Our quality work

Medical Imaging Technologies consistently develops, manufacture and supply products and services aiming to meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. Professional relationship with our customers is achieved through efficient and accurate communication. We are certified to quality standard ISO 13485 (2016) and maintain the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. We actively pursue ever improving quality of our deliverables, activities and business through clear objectives, efficient processes and adequate resources.

Supporting Operation Smile

Every three minutes, a child is born with cleft palate. Lots of children suffer from social stigma, malnourishment and speech problems and lack the financial means to get proper treatment for their condition. We are proud to support Operation Smile, a global network of medical professionals and volunteers who perform surgery for free to change the lives of these children.


Mikael Paulsson, CEO & co-founder


About Medical Imaging Technologies

Founded in 2009 and proudly headquartered in Lund, Sweden, Medical Imaging Technologies provides complete integration and management of audio-visual information for hospitals. Our image management technology enables medical professionals to record, store and share video, audio and image sources. We also provide the solutions required for medical professionals to access remote training and expertise, control monitors, record medical procedures, share DICOM-material and distribute live audiovisual information to conference rooms or congresses. We do this by connecting interventional labs and operating rooms within the hospital and beyond. Our products are used in medical disciplines such as interventional cardiology, surgery, and speech-language pathology. With more than 100 installations at 40 hospitals across 12 countries, we are an international group of companies operating in India, the Nordics, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom.

Medicinsk Bildteknik AB, a wholly owned sister company, develops and manufactures our products. Medicinsk Bildteknik AB has obtained ISO-13485 certification on its quality management system, which confirms its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.



MIT employees gather in Lund, Sweden for sales meeting and training

MIT employees gather in Lund, Sweden for sales meeting and training

In April 2019 Medical Imaging Technologies in Lund hosted the group’s annual sales meeting. Employees from India, United Arab Emirates, UK and Sweden took part in discussions, a site visit at Helsingborg Hospital and hands-on demo training of InVision plus ...
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Meet us at SAMTIT 2019

Meet us at SAMTIT 2019

We hope to see you at SAMTIT 2019 at Infra City in Upplands Väsby, Sweden! The congress takes place May 8-10 and focuses on patient security, IT and new technical solutions. SAMTIT is an interdisciplinary user association for medical equipment ...
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Students writing master thesis at Medical Imaging Technologies

Students writing master thesis at Medical Imaging Technologies

During the first half of 2019, students Emil and Olle are writing their master thesis at Medical Imaging Technologies. Emil and Olle are both studying their final semester at the Biomedical Engineering program at Lund University, specializing in signal processing ...
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