Save time and money by having exact control of your usage and inventory

The system will give you precise control over your inventory and make your order handling more efficient. This will reduce the time spent placing orders and controlling your inventory. No more need for counting material!

Control your inventory and procedural costs

BarrraQuda will give you exact control over your inventory and help out with more efficient handling of orders. All new received products are scanned and added to the inventory and will be subtracted from the inventory when used in a patient procedure. Individual or general cost of staff can be added as well as standard material needed for specific procedures. With the statistical section you will be able to get all the information you need. Everything from that section can be exported to Excel for further analysis.


BarraQuda workflow


Optimize your volumes and reduce stock costs

Product features

  • Scan used products per procedure
  • Retrieve patient via DICOM Worklist
  • Order suggestions from system based on minimum level set, average consumption and delivery time of product
  • SIHTS cards compatible
  • Scan or manually add material used in procedure
  • Add staff time to procedure
  • Pre-define known material for specific procedures
  • Customized workflow (design your own steps)
  • View and edit procedures after examination
  • Full stock management including consignment
  • Place orders in system
  • View order history with just a click
  • Statistics output for detailed information from the system
  • Export data to Excel
  • License management