Complete clinical audio-visual solution for the surgical environment

InVision significantly enhances departmental education, connects expertise globally and considerably improves the efficiency of procedural planning through the remote presentation of patient data.

InVision is a modular clinical audio-visual system that can be purchased in its entirety or as individual modules to suit the needs within a particular clinical environment. A fixed, unobtrusive, installation designed to enhance medical education and medical conferencing and to connect expertise across geographies. There are three modules – InVision Control, InVision Viewer and InVision Connect.

InVision Control

The ‘Control’ module of the InVision software client allows the user to control procedure room cameras, select between the connected imaging modalities, manage audience views and adjust audio routing and levels. The Control module allows users to record surgical procedures, saving them to the Network Attached Storage (NAS) and procedures can be transmitted within the hospital (Internal Conferencing) or around the world (Live Broadcasting). Expert Proctors, with access to the Proctor Client, can remotely connect to the InVision system from anywhere in the world, allowing the teaching of new techniques or procedures.

Internal conferencing

The ‘Control’ module enables live case transmission from the procedure room to the departmental seminar/ conference room with no loss of image quality.

  • Fiberoptic transmission to seminar/conference room  (pre-exisiting network cabling can be used over longer distances)
  • Zero loss of image quality
  • Full duplex audio
  • HD cameras are fully controllable from remote control locations (e.g. departmental seminar room or cath lab control room)

Case recording

The ‘Control’ module allows for the recording of entire cases and captures all aspects of an examination for later review. This provides invaluable evidence of the details and sequence of events within a procedure for use in training, education or litigation.

  • Record angio, adjunctive examinations, video and audio for playback
  • Table-side initiation of recording using the InVision console
  • Scalable NAS storage

Live broadcasting

The ‘Control’ module allows live case transmissions via the internet whenever needed.

  •  Manage audience views via the software client during transmissions
  •  HD cameras are fully controllable from remote control locations (e.g. departmental seminar room or cath lab control room)
  • Full duplex audio
  • Encrypted and password protected transmission signals
  • Live view monitor within the procedure room displaying audience views

Remote proctoring

The ‘Control’ module allows remote proctors to connect with the InVision system using the Proctor Client. Expert proctors can expand their teaching services and geographic reach whilst minimising disruption to their own hospital’s departmental schedule. Recipient hospitals can readily connect with proctors across the globe and learn new techniques and procedures.

  • Book a time and connect
  • Proctor can connect to recipient hospital’s procedure room viewing all medical imaging and video
  • Video and full duplex audio
  • Encrypted and password protected transmission signals
  • Proctor controls camera views and modality sources of recipient hospital remotely

InVision Viewer

The ‘Viewer’ module introduces a DICOM viewer to the InVision software client. ‘Viewer’ can be configured to multiple PACS archives within the hospital and gives you fast and easy access to all stored data. The ‘Viewer’ software can be installed on any PC in the hospital for fast and easy access of patient data. Files can be exported as images or sequences for patient review meetings, educational purposes, or presentations.

  • Rapid access of archived data from multiple PACS servers in one search window. Search for one patient on multiple archives simultaneously
  • Playback of recorded cases (recorded on InVision Control module)
  • Contrast, Brightness and Invert image controls
  • Playback speed controls
  • Frame by frame playback control
  • Add cases to favourites tab
  • Flag cases for virtual diagnostic review meetings (InVision Connect)

InVision Connect

The ‘Connect’ module allows remote presentation of patient data between participating hospitals in real time and with no loss in image quality.

  • Rapid access of archived data from multiple PACS servers (InVision Viewer)
  • High quality image review which meets diagnostic standards
  • Synchronised image playback from all participating sites
  • Playback control can be shared amongst all participants
  • Video conferencing via supplied webcam
  • Full duplex audio with echo cancellation