Connect, Share and Review Diagnostic Patient Data

InVision Connect allows remote presentation of patient data between participating hospitals in real time and with zero loss in image quality. Virtual diagnostic review meetings between multiple hospitals, each having synchronized image playback of shared DICOM images, means travel between tertiary hospitals and referral hospitals for patient review meetings in no longer necessary.

InVision Connect is a clinical audio-visual system, usually installed within the Seminar Room of the hospital department. A fixed, unobtrusive installation designed to allow virtual diagnostic review meetings between multiple hospitals. The system allows video conferencing along with the sharing of DICOM files via the hospital’s virtual private network. A network of hospitals, each with InVision Connect, can participate in virtual meetings together where image playback of the shared DICOM files is synchronised and the host hospital can pass playback controls amongst participants. Importantly, the DICOM files are sent to each participant ahead of each virtual diagnostic review meeting meaning zero loss in image quality. This is a critical feature of such a system if diagnostic image standards are to be maintained. The user interface consists of two modules - InVision Viewer and InVision Connect.

InVision Viewer

The ‘Viewer’ module is the DICOM viewer found on the more comprehensive InVision system. InVision Viewer can be configured to multiple PACS archives within the hospital giving you fast and easy access to all stored data. One patient can be searched on multiple archives simultaneously and once the required study is found it can be flagged for virtual review. Once flagged, all configured participant hospitals are sent the DICOM file ahead of the virtual meeting.

  • Playback of archived DICOM files including audio
  • Controls for contrast, brightness and image inversion
  • Playback speed controls
  • Frame by frame playback control
  • Rapid access of archived data from multiple PACS servers in one search window. Search for one patient on multiple archives simultaneously
  • Add cases to favourites tab
  • Flag cases for virtual diagnostic review meetings

InVision Connect

The ‘Connect’ module allows the virtual diagnostic review meeting to take place between the configured participating hospitals. The user interface is essentially a DICOM viewer combined with a  videoconferencing platform. Participants communicate via videoconference whilst the playback of the DICOM images are perfectly synchronised for each user. Playback control can be shared between each participant and the cursor of the hospital in control is visible to all. This allows for a controlled, virtual review meeting where everybody can get their points across easily. Since each participant has received the entire DICOM file, no compromises are made from the original image quality found on the PACS archive. If the virtual diagnostic image review meeting doesn’t go ahead, all patient data is automatically deleted from each participant’s system.


Product features

  • Review a patient’s Dicom examination remotely, collaboratively and without loss of image quality
  • Connect, share and review diagnostic patient data
  • Collaborative, on-line Dicom viewer/web-conferencing system with synchronised playback and zero loss in image quality
  • Rapid access of archived data from multiple PACS servers (InVision Viewer)
  • High quality image review which meets diagnostic standards
  • Synchronised image playback from all participating sites
  • Playback control can be shared amongst all participants
  • Video conferencing via supplied webcam
  • Full duplex audio with echo cancellation