Synchronized image and audio documentation during speech and swallowing examinations


PharyDoc is a system that allows for the simultaneous capture and playback of Fluoroscopy, Video and Audio during a Video Fluoroscopic Swallowing Examination (VFSE). All elements remain synchronised during playback and can be stored to PACS as one complete examination.

The system supports an X-Ray input, Video Camera input and two Microphone inputs (operator audio is in the left channel and patient audio is in the right channel). All are captured simultaneously and remain synchronized during playback.

PharyDoc automatically stores complete examinations to its own central storage. Each examination can be manually selected within the software and sent to PACS. PharyDoc is a complement to the image storage application in an X-ray system. All images are stored locally and then manually selected to be stored in the PACS archive.


Delivering full control to speech pathologists

Product features

  • The study is linked to the unique patient identification number - Modality Work-List functionality
  • PharyDoc can store a selection of image and sound in the hospital PACS
  • The video recorder captures the patient’s behaviour which enhances the synchronised playback of a stored examination
  • Vendor neutral
  • Adjustable playback speed
  • Examination can be done from the workstation and separately installed software clients
  • Database for quick search in the archives
  • Thumbnail images in a timeline
  • Synchronized viewing of all sources captured allows for detailed examination reviews
  • Continuous examination playback or frame by frame
  • Adjustment of image brightness and contrast
  • Central examination database allows several PharyDoc software clients to view performed examinations
  • Authentication via the hospital AD environment or user name login
  • License management
  • Zoom function